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Deep-fried Karalla dry fish – for Quick side dish

If you are looking for a quick side dish, Deep-fried karalla dry fish is an ideal thing. It’s easy to make and good in taste.

What is Karalla dry fish?

Karalla is native fish to the Indian ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. It is is a genus of ponyfishes. You can easily found fresh Karalla fish in fish markets and cooked fish in restaurants countries located in the Indian ocean. Such as Sri Lanka.

This fish normally processed as fresh fish and dry fish to the market. Both can be cooked into delicious meals. Today I use dry fish for this recipe.

  • deepfried-karalla-fish


  • 50g Karalla dry fish
  • Oil to deep fry

How to:

Wash clean and dry Karalla dry fish and deep fry them in oil until crisp. Then drain and set aside. The important thing is you need to make sure dry the fish after washing them until water does not in it. If not it caused lots of splattering hot oil while you fry the dry fish. After waiting a few minutes to drain oil from deep-fried fish you can serve it to the table.

When to eat?

This can be eaten as a side dish for breakfast or dinner with rice or chips. Also, It’s suitable for use as a side dish when you have family gatherings or friends and especially in drinking alcohol. I also taste this with onion slices and fried chilies and it perfectly matched for me.

It’s that simple! let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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