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Must-try foods in Perth under $20

Are you looking for some budget meals with Perth? Sick of home-cooked meals and wanting some take out options? There are so many things to do in Perth that is food-related.

In this article we will discuss the key places to eat on a budget on your adventures in Perth, Western Australia. From breakfast, lunch through to dinner. Below each restaurant will be a link to each of their websites or Facebook page. I will be giving my Perth food review and my favorite dishes.

The Best Breakfast in Perth

Vegan or vegetarian? I have something for you.

Have a try at some veggie dishes from Flora & Fauna. A shabby-chic café with retro style walls and seating. Flora & Fauna is one of the best breakfast in Perth 2020.

Located in the heart of Perth CBD, Northbridge has some delicious dishes on their menu from this small café, serving things from hot meals to cold beverages. This café is Vegan & vegetarian-based. With a 4.5 star rating on google, intriguing menu and many delivery options.

Open from 8 am – 2 pm.

My favourite dish must be the PB&J Bircher, and this dish is peanut butter granola with fresh mixed berry jam and some other delicious topping. This dish cost me $20 exactly.

Prefer meat instead?

Try Mount Street Breakfast Bar.

Open from 7 am – 1.30 pm in West Perth. Flora & Fauna is a high-end style hotel breakfast bar that is sure to turn heads.

This breakfast bar has a 5-star rating on google, has both dine-in and take away options. Their menu has a wide range of dishes, sweet treats, and beverages, from croissants to pan-fried gnocchi.

I recommend you try the crispy falafel, and it comes with a side of barley, tabbouleh, green tahini, poached eggs, and pickles. This dish cost me $20.

Lunch and Dinner in Perth


One of my favourite food joints for lunch has got the be Freshii.

Open from 7.30 am to 3 pm on Victoria Avenue.

This restaurant serves delicious burritos and bowls, salads and wraps, soups, and even all-day breakfasts. Freshii has also come out with its new pressed juices that they sell in-store.

This place is perfect for those looking for meals that are budget-friendly but will also fill you up. Every dish on their menu is under $20.

My go-to dish from Freshii must be the Mediterranean bowl. This meal costs $10.95, and you can choose to add in meat ingredients for a little extra.

This restaurant isn’t just for meat-eaters, and almost every dish has a vegan and gluten-free option.

Are you looking for a Japanese style dish?

Haru Sushi n Bento has what you need.

This restaurant is open from 8 am – 5 pm and closed on weekends. You can find Haru Sushi n Bento in the heart of Fremantle, where the fish gets bought and prepared fresh. Haru Sushi n Bento has a 4.9-star rating and is recommended by TripAdvisor, sitting at top 10 Japanese restaurants in Fremantle.

I love the Teriyaki chicken bento set. This meal cost me $13.90 and comes with an array of side dishes. Side dishes include steamed rice, sushi, salad, and tempura.

Super inexpensive and their dishes fill you right up.


Are you looking for some food to share with your loved one? Or family? Or maybe just for yourself?

General public food co. is perfect for your pizza craving needs.

Open from 6 am -10 pm, open every day of the week in Inglewood, Perth.

This Italian restaurant has many pizza options to choose from including some gluten-free and vegetarian option. Unfortunately, General public does not cater for vegan diets.

I would recommend the spicy chicken tacos. They get filled with Chipotle-style chicken, with cabbage slaw and chipotle mayo sauce drizzled on top. For two tacos it cost me $15 if you want to add a third it would cost $20, but two was plenty and filling as it was.

Needing a filling dinner but you need vegan options?

Try, Twin Flame Vegan Vegetarian for some delicious Indian-style dishes.

Open from 5 pm – 9 pm, open every day but Mondays in Bayswater, Perth.

This place serves everything from Pani Puri to Indian coffee. Most dishes on Twin Flame menus are vegan friendly and have a vegan label on the menu, which makes it easier to identify.

My favourite dish is Tofu Masala with Naan bread which is an Indian tofu curry served with pappadum, a fresh salad and traditional naan bread.

Street foods in Perth


In Perth, we have your average street food restaurants, and then you have events based on street foods all coming together to show what they have got. It is super convenient and is so hard to resist trying every food van you see.

Old Lane Street Eats

Open from 5.30 pm – 10.30 pm most days. This restaurant can get found on Roe Street in Northbridge. It has dine-in, takeaway and delivery options available to best suit your needs.

This restaurant has beautiful Malaysian food that can get found on the streets of Malaysia. It has a large, vibrant mural of an empty laneway.

My favourite dish from this restaurant is Crispy Pork Bao that comes with a peanut slaw, kewpie mayo and cucumber. This meal cost me $10.90. One thing I love is all the dishes are under $20.

Floreat Food Truck Fiesta

This event is hosted every second Saturday from 2 pm – 6 pm. These events get held at Alderbury reserve, in Floreat.

This event has over 20 food trucks available to choose from, and you will find something for your match your budget.

My favourite food truck is the Baolicious. They make fresh homemade bao with delicious Thai ingredients.

Below is the link for the Baolicious food truck website. You can book this company to cater for your gatherings, birthdays and even weddings.

Below is the link for the Food Truck Fiestas upcoming events.

Cheap eats in Perth

Are you looking for a Japanese food fix?

Nao Ramen Restaurant has deluxe ramen options to suit your liking. This restaurant is open from 11.30 am – 5.30 pm every day apart from being closed every Sunday and Monday. This restaurant has easily gotten more popular over the past couple of years, leading with a long line of people waiting outside the door.

I love the dish Miso soup with fresh red chilli noodles. This meal cost me $14, which is perfect for tight budgets. I would recommend trying their homemade Takoyaki which costs $6.80 for six pieces.

If you are looking for some fast food options, Perth has many USA foods such as KFC, Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, and even subway.

Restaurant in Perth

Are you are trying to find the best restaurants in Perth, but also trying to find the best cheap restaurants in Perth? Two words, Vietnamese food.

Located in the heart of Perth CBD in Northbridge is Viet Hoa. Open from 10 am – 9 pm, every day, perfect for whenever you feel peckish or craving some delicious Asian cuisine.

This Vietnamese restaurant only uses fresh ingredients and makes their noodles by hand.

I am a big fan of their PHỞ GÀ dish, which costs $14.80. I love everything about this dish and how the ingredients combine.

To conclude our must-try foods in Perth for under $20. We have covered the Best Breakfast in Perth, Lunch and Dinner, Street foods in Perth, Cheap eats and Restaurants in Perth.

Please note that these are only my opinions and there are many other fantastic food places out there. Such as Fast food joints, Chinese foods and loads more.

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