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I had Green gram milk rice for breakfast

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals in our daily life. So I would like to take healthy foods as much as I can for breakfast. Today I had Green gram milk rice (also called “Mung Kiri bath”) for my breakfast. It’s similar to milk rice but little different in taste.

Milk rice is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from rice. Green gram milk rice is coming from the same food family. It can be made form same recipe that use to make milk rice and the only difference is adding green grams for it.


How does it taste and what are the matching curries

Mostly it tastes like rice and It has a milky taste when I chew it in my mouth. I also feel little green gram taste in it as well. It’s delicious for sure.

You do not need a curry to eat this milk rice. But it can double the taste when you eat with a side dish. The best thing is it easy to mix with curries. Because it served as pieces to the table. I had 3 large pieces ? for my breakfast. The most common side dish is Lunumiris, it’s spicy Sri Lankan sambal paste. I mixed it with milk rice. Also, I have tried this with spicy chicken curry and It greatly matching with it.

You can find this delicious meal from a Sri Lankan restaurant in your country or make it by your self it’s easier than you think. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment below.


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