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Indian gooseberry (Nelli): The delicious healthy fruit

Last Friday I went to the local market to buy some fruit for enjoying my Saturday. Normally I like to enjoy the taste of fruits while watching my favorite movie on Saturdays. After a few walks in fruit section, small shiny green color fruit took my attention. It’s an Indian gooseberry (Nelli). I love the taste of this delicious fruit since my childhood. So I purchased a pack of fresh Indian gooseberries for me.

Indian gooseberry grows on mid-size trees which filled with small leaves. These trees are grown in India, Sri Lanka, the middle east, and some other south Asian countries. This fruit has been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It still uses today as well. It’s Vitamin C rich fruit and has potassium with few other Nutrients.

How does it taste?

We can consume it in many ways. such as chutney, Aioli, and juice. But I would like to eat fresh fruit. Some times I eat it with a pinch of salt to double the taste. Gooseberry has a strong sour taste. It can be amazing experience for everyone who eats it for the first time. Kids eat it with a sip of water to reduce the sour taste. (Tip: drink a sip of water after eating a few Indian gooseberries(Nelli) can give you sweet cooler experience in the mouth.)

So I’m going to windup gooseberry story for today. Now you have to try a few things when you eat Indian gooseberry next time. Let me know your experience in the comment below.


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