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11 Tasty Seafood Easter Dinners Ideas To Try Out This Year

Looking to liven up your Easter holiday this year? Check out this list below of seafood easter dinner ideas you could easily make at home and will absolutely be a winner!

Easter 2021 is just around the corner, coming up on Sunday April 4, and it is celebrated by millions around the world from the USA, Canada, Australia, and all over the globe. This occasion has many families celebrating traditions and one of them is gathering around the table to break bread and commune over a classic dinner usually with a succulent roast ham in the center. Although, you’re probably on the hunt for something a little different to the classic Easter traditions, so make sure to scroll to the bottom!

If you want to stray from the old and embrace the new one, a great way to make the holiday special is by serving up something new to the table. Why not switch the ham recipe and bring some exciting new flavors to celebrate the occasion! Does that sound like you? Great, you’ve come to the right page.

This year is all about embracing new experiences, so make this Easter an unforgettable one for friends and family by welcoming a new tradition. One that’s nutritious, delicious, easy to prepare, and comes straight from the ocean.

Yes, seafood! Seafood isn’t necessarily a traditional cuisine one thinks of when they think of Easter dinner but more and more are inviting it into their holiday dinners. It is one of the most delicious cuisines out there and one can never go wrong with a classic fish dish. So fresh and light, it’s the perfect Easter dinner to have in the spring season.

If you’re thinking of some exciting and tasty Easter dinner ideas to freshen up this upcoming holiday, keep reading! Here’s a list of seafood easter dinner ideas to try this year, from scallops to lobster, and every shellfish in between! You’ll be introduced to some new methods of preparation, as well as similar recipes with a fun twist! Scroll down to check them out.

1 Scallop Spaghetti In A White Wine Sauce

First up is this classic Italian pasta dish incorporating everybody’s favourite noodle, the spaghetti, and delicious, buttery, pan seared scallops that are swapped instead of the classic meatball; brought together by a creamy, garlicky white wine sauce that will have everybody licking their plates clean. Scallop spaghetti will also win the hearts of all kids too, so it’s definitely a fun way to introduce seafood to the family table!

2 Spicy Seafood Paella

Paella is a classic stand-out dish and it should be eaten more often! So here’s your excuse to eat paella as much as possible, starting by including it in this year’s easter dinner. There’s something super comforting yet exciting about a bowl of paella. The bursts of flavours coming from the seasoned rice, prawns, mussels, and the beauty is you could truly make it your own by adding your favourite shellfish and veggies into the mix.

3 Creamy Coconut Salmon Curry

Salmon is a crowd pleasing seafood that is super versatile and can be prepared in so many delicious ways! Not only is salmon a tasty fish, it’s super healthy and packed with Omega 3s, rich in B12 vitamin, has antiinflammatory properties and the list goes on. Serve it this easter dinner over rice, swimming in a golden, silky coconut curry sauce for the ultimate comfort meal that’s super healthy.

4 Spicy Baja Fish Tacos

Tacos have the power to easily turn a regular day into an AMAZING day. Nothing like that first bite of a warm tortilla hugging and embracing the bursts of fresh and juicy flavours that it contains. Turn Easter dinner into an AMAZING easter dinner by serving these simple yet flavorful spicy Baja fish tacos! Not only is this such a delicious taco recipe to make for loved ones on Easter, but it is a meal that will go over well with kids too.

5 Soy Maple Glazed Salmon

This classic seafood dish is a must-try! Salmon is such a multifaceted fish, this recipe had to make it on the list. There’s something almost umami-like about salmon and a sweet, maple glaze put together on a plate. If you’re serving Salmon to picky eaters, this is the fish to try. These flavours just go so well together it would only be right to share this meal on easter dinner! Salmon goes so well with many sides so you can have fun with using what veggies you have lying around to pair with.

6 Grilled Garlic Shrimp Skewers

These savoury skewers are so easy to prepare and don’t take long to make. So if time is something you have in mind, then try out this easy seafood easter dinner! It’s also a fun family-friendly recipe to make in the kitchen to prepare together at home. This simple shrimp dish is abundantly tasty and even those who don’t eat seafood will absolutely love them. The secret is in that buttery, garlic sauce that smothers the shrimp as they cook to perfection. Serve with a side of hearty mac and cheese, fluffy basmati rice and greens, or whichever satisfying side dish you prefer, you can totally get creative with this one as these skewers go well with basically anything, or alone!

7 Seared Ahi Tuna Steak

If you are a strictly beef family and you’re figuring out how to sneak in some seafood into your household’s dinner table, you have to check out this recipe. It’s definitely a great alternative to beef steaks. This classic dish is a must-try in the kitchen and more basic to prep than it seems! If searing meat intimidates you, this won’t be a problem. It’s a lot easier to cook and once you master it, you’ll feel like an absolute chef! Apart from that, Ahi tuna is so delicious! It has so many immunity boosting properties like Zinc and vitamin C to name a couple. There’s just so many great reasons to serve this on Easter Sunday.

8 Creamy Lobster Mac And Cheese

One can NEVER go wrong with putting down a hefty plate of mac and cheese. Mac and cheese makes everyone happy and that’s just a fact. If you are interested in serving a seafood easter dinner this year but want to stick with something safe and know that it will be a guaranteed hit with everyone (even the picky ones), then you can’t go wrong with a creamy, cheesy, lobster mac and cheese! This spin on the classic comfort pasta dish adds a little gourmet touch to the meal by incorporating delicious lobster without being too overpowering with shellfish flavours.

9 Seafood Pizza

Alright so mac and cheese is great but you know what else is great? Yes, you read that right. Seafood pizza! This recipe is a mouthwatering twist on everybody’s favorite italian carb that incorporates various types of delicious shellfish engulfed in cheesy goodness. Sounds too good to be true but this dish is actually easy to make at home and you won’t regret it! Pizza is literally everyone’s favourite food. Make this for your easter dinner guests and they will probably not stop bringing this up for years to come.

10 Pan Fried Tilapia

Here’s a seafood recipe to make on Sunday that’s simple and requires the least amount of ingredients on the list. However, it is so flavoursome! Make the most out of the delicious taste of Tilapia by bringing it back to the basics. Perfectly seasoned and fried, these fish are a real treat. Crispy from the outside, tender from the inside, and can be made in less than thirty minutes, what better can you ask for in a home cooked easter dinner! That definitely helps taking the load off from cooking a traditional easter dinner all day.

11 Classic Seafood Platter

Photo by Gerald Jake Abangan from Pexels

A seafood platter is the ultimate main attraction to any easter dinner table! You can truly be creative with creating a seafood platter by adding your favourite shellfish. This recipe calls for lobster , shrimp , scallops and crab which are roasted and accompanied with a trip of sauces, but for this dish, the platter preparation is totally up to you. It’s a fun dining experience where everybody can pick and choose what to eat and try. Although you are working with a variety of fish here, it still requires low effort to prep this dish in the kitchen, which makes for an all round stress-free Easter Sunday!

So there you have it, there’s a whole lot of easy and tasty seafood easter dinner ideas to choose from. From a whole fried Tilapia fish to a fun twist on the classic mac and cheese! Definitely check out these seafood recipes on any occasion extending beyond this holiday and your friends and family will forever be impressed with your seafood chef skills.

Which dish got you inspired to try out this Easter dinner?

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