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Best Seafood Side Dishes that Go Perfectly with Fish

These seafood side dishes will make you wanna have some delicious fish for dinner!

If you ask me, fish is always delicious, even on its own, but it can also be a little too plain. If you are having guests over for dinner – a plain, dull meal is the last thing you need. That is when side dishes come to the rescue!

Being so easily digestible as it is, eating seafood for dinner is likely to make you hungry quite fast. Adding different flavorful sides will increase the amount of your meal (but not necessarily the amount of calories) and make you stay full longer.

These side dishes go perfectly well with literally any kind of fish, shrimp or crab meat. Once you take a look at these, you will never eat just fish anymore!

Dive into my list of 10 Best Seafood Side Dishes that Go Perfectly with Fish!

1. Grilled asparagus – the simplest and best of all seafood side dishes

I would eat asparagus with literally anything. But I have to admit that it slightly goes better with seafood than with other types of food. Therefore, it deserves the honorary first place of my seafood side dishes list!

I think it’s because of its quite neutral taste, which is at the same time so enchanting!

Asparagus is great when boiled, pan-fried, grilled or oven-baked. Whenever possible, I choose to grill it. When grilling is not possible, oven-baking is my next favorite choice. I just can’t help the slightly charred taste it gets after grilling or baking!

It does not need any special treatment – a sprinkle of salt & pepper and a bit of olive oil will be enough.

If you decided to grill that octopus or squid tonight, make sure you get some asparagus, too and flavors will simply explode in your mouth.

2. Aromatic oven-baked potatoes

Fish-and-chips is a well-known combination that will never cease to be popular. But you can make the dish much healthier (and more stylish, think: guests) if you oven-bake the potatoes instead of frying them in deep oil.

To make potatoes aromatic, add a mix of some fragrant herbs and spices and some olive oil so that spices can stick better to the potatoes during baking. I don’t need to tell you that the aroma from a mixture of baked herbs and sprinkled olive oil is totally enchanting!

With some lemon squeezed over them in the end, aromatic potatoes are a perfect match with any type of fish or fish cakes.

Another awesome thing about them is that they can be baked together with the fish, with the fish on top or on the side (we can call it a side dish with one-tray potential)!

3. Lettuce, sweet corn and red onion salad

When was the last time you had canned tuna for dinner?

If it has been more than a month, I’ve got two things to tell you: 1) Canned tuna has been proven to have less harmful effects on your body than fresh (grilled or boiled) tuna; and 2) There is barely anything on Earth that goes better with canned tuna than a lettuce, sweet corn and red onion salad!

I like to toast some whole wheat bread on the side, too. It is great when you make it as a salad but you can also wrap it in a tortilla (which is what I often do when I want an easy and healthy dinner).

This combination of sweet corn & tuna meat gives you is just incredible and yet so simple.

4. Avocado rice seafood side

Whatever you make – avocado makes it even better. If you mix it with rice, you will make sure that your seafood side dish has enough protein, healthy carbohydrates and fiber and there is no need to worry whether everyone will be full and joyful. This side dish ensures it!

Although avocado rice goes well with any fish, I particularly like to serve it aside salmon & shrimps. Apart from an incredibly special flavor mix, I also adore the gorgeous color mix of baby pink and pastel green on a plate.

Visually appealing food combinations largely encourage my appetite and this combination looks classy enough to go as a fancy dinner for the special occasion. 😉

5. Potato and carrot puree

If you are having fish that is richer in calories, such as salmon and tuna, you may want to have a creamier and lighter option for your seafood side dish.

Potato and carrot puree is a low-calorie side dish. It will provide the necessary carbohydrate intake for the meal and still leave you feeling light as a feather!

Moreover, it is a great replacement for bread! And – very importantly – with just a sprinkle of fresh parsley, it looks classy enough to present it at the table next to the magnificent fish you are making. The orange look of this puree will make your fish shine like it deserves.

By adding a seasoning of your choice, you can make it even more flavorful, satisfying and wonderful to share!

6. Honey-glazed brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts just love to be ‘cuddled’ for some time before baking. What I call a good brussels sprouts ‘cuddling’ is when I glaze them with a mix of spices, honey & balsamico, so that they end up tasting like heaven – crunchy on the outside, but tender inside. There is nothing else I want from a brussels sprout.

Sauteed or boiled sprouts can be a good alternative but cannot really compete with the effect of honey-glazed sprouts.

Those who have not tried them often have a hard time believing that these little green balls can bring so much richness of flavor to the table with just a little preparation beforehand.

7. Pesto pasta seafood side

Tired of having veggies as a side dish? I’ve got you covered. Pesto pasta belongs to those amazing seafood side dishes for just any fish you may be having for dinner. I particularly recommend pairing pesto pasta with some elegantly white fish meat, such as sea bream or cod.

Basil pesto will do magic here! And you can basically choose any type of pasta you like – my favorite pasta with fish are penne and linguine. But really any kind of pasta will do.

Another great thing is that you can serve pesto pasta on the side. Or just add your fish fillets to it and make a single pesto pasta fish bowl! Yum!

8. Cold potato & onion salad side dish

If you ask Eastern Europeans what side dish they most frequently have next to their fish – I bet more than 90% answers would be “cold potato & onion salad”.

It is an awkwardly true stereotype and an interestingly tasty salad! It is also an excellent companion to fried or roasted fish.

You can choose to have it warm. However, I would rather recommend cooling it well before serving if you’d like to get the taste of the original recipe!

An idea of a cold potato combined with onion may not sound right to you. But, trust me, just make this salad for the first time. Later on, it will come to your mind quite often when you think ‘fish’!

9. Zucchini fritters

Of course you can have grilled zucchini as a seafood side dish, but why stop there when you can easily & quickly make some zucchini fritters instead?

It takes less than 20 minutes to make them. But the taste that zucchini gets after being grated and fried is priceless! Besides, you can use any seasoning you like to make your side even more appealing.

These crunchy patties look and taste so good! There is a serious concern that they will take over the show from that fish you’re making! But there is a catch here – zucchini fritters pair with fish so perfectly that you will want the pair never to be separated.

10. Mediterranean vegetable casserole

You can always have some Mediterranean vegetable casserole on its own. But having it with seafood will definitely make that feel even more Mediterranean.

Save this casserole for those moments when you really want to nail that dinner! Or have an abundant meal and maybe even save some of it for later.

It is perfect for the also great for potluck, as it’s made in a single, easily carriable dish. It has an amazing look with different colors and is equally amazing when eaten hot, as well as when it’s a little coldish.

A great option for hot summer days that matches perfectly with a glass of cold white wine! Make sure to bookmark this one for the upcoming sunny days!


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