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Tasting Cassava chips (Manioc chips)

I always love to taste various types of chips and flavours of chips. When I was on Sunday shopping I found this packet of chips in red colour. It took my attention because I never saw it before in my local supermarket. So I decided to give it a try.

What is cassava

Cassava is a tree that farm to make foods and other benefits. Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and some other countries farm cassava for economic purposes.

How does it taste

It not much different from potato chips but harder than it. it feels more crispy and rough when I chew it in my mouth. Manufacture added little salty taste to this and I like that taste. But I think they had to add a more spicy taste to the chips. Overall quality is good. I think you will feel the same way when you try this cassava chips. let me know your thought about this chips in the comment below.

Suitable mealtime?


Cassava chips are suitable to eat it in snack time when you watch tv or read books. I like to eat it in the evening around 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm. Let me know your experience about cassava chips in the comment below.

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